Wrap Around Platen

For those GT users wanting to do more fashion printing, the Wrap Around Platen insert is a great compliment to the Touchdown Platen inserts. The Wrap Around Platen insert allows a GT user to print part on the front of the garment, wrap around the side of the garment and on part on the back of the garment. This type of printing is something that allows GT users to differientate from its competition and warrant a higher selling price.


GT users are in a unique position to do this type of wrap around printing because the distance between the bottom of the print heads to the top of the garment is larger compared to the Epson-based dtg printers. The larger gap allows for GT users to easily print over seams and wrinkles in the garment. In addition, the open area around the GT platen stem allow for loading the garment on the Wrap Around Platen extremely easy.


Installing the Wrap Around Platen Insert

There are two ways to get a Wrap Around Platen: 1) order the complete Wrap Around Platen or 2) use the Touchdown Platen and order the Wrap Around Platen Insert. The complete Wrap Around Platen comes full assembled. If you are going to use the Touchdown Platen, you will need to remove the four bolts that hold the T-Base to the Mounting Plate. You will use the Mounting Plate and the four bolts to attach the Wrap Around Platen Insert to it.

Touchdown T-Base Bolts for Wrap Around Platen on Brother GT-541 and GT-782 PrintersWrap Around Platen for Brother Gt-541 and GT-782 dtg printers


It is that simple!


Helpful Tips Working with the Wrap Around Platen

Below are some helpful tips when printing with the Wrap Around Platen:


* Be careful removing a printed garment from the Wrap Around Platen. It can be very easy for the shirt to fold over and smear especially if you are printing high up on the Wrap Around Platen.

* With smaller sizes or ladies garments, pay close attention to the seams on the garments to prevent head strikes.

* Dressing the heat press will help minimize the amount of wrinkles on the garment and keep the ink from smearing.

* If you plan on semi-curing the ink on half the garment before pressing it front-to-back (not on the side), point a heat gun away from the inside of the GT printer. You might want to consider hovering with a heat press as well. If you have a conveyor dryer, you can run the printed garment through the conveyor dryer as well.


PRINTING NOTE: Remember that what is on the computer screen is actually flipped around and upside down. So depending on what you are putting on the platen and how you are printing on it, you may need to adjust the orientation of the artwork.


To download the artwork templates, complete the form below with a valid email address and click the Submit button. An email will be sent to you with a hyperlink that is valid for 72 hours. After clicking on the link, save the zip file to your computer. Unzip the file and you will see the different artwork templates available.


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VIDEO: Printing with the Wrap Around Platen

Below is a video showing how easy it is to print with the Wrap Around Platen.



If you are located in the continental United States and want to purchase either the complete Wrap Around Platen or just the Wrap Around Platen Insert (requires the use of the Touchdown Platen), select the option below and click the By Now button. If you are located out of the continental United States, please complete the form below and we will send you an email back with a quote specific to mailing one to your address.


Wrap Around Platen


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