Touchdown Platen

Long Sleeve Platen

Baby / Infant Platen

Wrap Around Platen

Why Every GT User Should have a Touchdown Platen?

Maximize the power of your Brother® GT printer by expanding the products that you can print on. The Touchdown Platen is a multi-purpose platen that allows GT users to print on garments and other substrates that is typically difficult to do using the standard Adult Platen. The T-Base is designed to easily insert and remove platen inserts of all different sizes. GT users can even create their own custom platen sizes to be used in conjunction with the T-Base.

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What Platen Inserts Come with the Touchdown Platen?

The Touchdown Platen Complete Kit comes with 12 different platen setups that are designed for printing on the following types of garments / print locations: Youth, Baby, Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve, Zipper / Buttons, Polos and more. For a complete list of all the platen setups, click here.

What is the Wrap Around Platen?

For GT users wanting to do more fashion style prints, the Wrap Around Platen Insert is a good ad-on. It works in conjunction with part of the T-Base to allow for prints going from part of the front of the garment, around the side and on to part of the back of the garment.

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Watch a Video on Touchdown Platen

Click on the video screen below to watch a video on the Touchdown Platen to see how all the platen inserts install on the T-Base.


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